About the Project

"I’ve never made a traditional decision in my life, but through all the crazy decisions there is one thing that has always remained true: I want to cook at the highest possible level. It’s what inspires many decisions in my life, especially my decision to finally open Mist, a guerrilla restaurant that produces incredible food and an incredible experience as it travels across the globe. 

Mist is a multi-course, multi-sensory experience. I invite you to join us as we visit locations around the world, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. There is something about Mist that inspires everyone involved to give selflessly and whole-heartedly what they have to offer. Even though we may only be in your city for a short time, I hope our paths cross… certainly if they do we’ll all be better for it." 

Chef Gavin Baker
Autumn 2011

About the Chef

Chef Gavin Baker is known just as much for his fearless travel as his fearless cooking. Over the course of his life he somehow found a way to: serve four years in the US Marine Corps; hike from London to Scotland in the dead of winter; trick the US government into a research visa to Cuba; teach villagers in the Himalayas how to make pizza; work as a chef for an illegal spear-fishing yoga commune off the coast of Thailand; travel the entire coastline of India one night bus at a time; train a staff of non-English speaking Indonesians how to run a sustainable kitchen on an island not far from Papua New Guinea; cook at 1 Olympics, 1 Super Bowl, the World Cup in Germany and 5 Masters; win several “Best Restaurant” awards and a few cold food competitions; and hold positions as varied as saucier for the legendary Jean-Jacques Rachou in New York to Executive Chef for Justin Timberlake’s restaurant on the Sunset Strip.

Not long ago, Gavin held one of the coveted sous chef positions at The Fat Duck, the “Best Restaurant in the World” in 2005. More recently, Gavin found himself in Melbourne, Australia, heading up the newly formed Walker Evans Baker Restaurant Group and opening restaurants in the CBD. Currently, Gavin is in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, collecting stories, ingredients and recipes for an upcoming Mist event. He doesn’t have much free time, but if he did he’d read more, cook more and not surprisingly travel more.