Mist 2013

We’ve been honored by the number of emails we’ve been receiving from Mist:SaltLake diners asking about Mist’s plans for 2013. While we regret to inform everyone that there are currently no Mist events planned for the USA in 2013, we have been working on some exciting new projects.

Gavin has once again set up shop with a full test kitchen in his apartment, this time creating cuisine for Little Hunter in Melbourne, Australia. The good news? Gavin’s food will now be available 6 days a week for lunch and dinner. More good news? Gavin’s slated to open several additional restaurants throughout 2013-2014 in Australia. 

But what does this mean for Mist? Since its inception in 2008 (and some earlier iterations Gavin created as far back as 2000) Mist has lived up to its name: a phenomenon that appears and disappears when conditions permit. While we can’t make any promises, we’re hoping October brings news of another Mist sighting down under.

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We took a break from Balinese food on a recent Sunday afternoon and enjoyed a treat from South Sulawesi… all while in a backyard of Bali. A group of Torajan natives were kind enough to invite us to join one of the most unique food traditions we’ve ever seen : pa’piong.

Pa’piong is traditionally served during the enormous funeral ceremonies of the Torajan people. We thought we may have misunderstood when our Torajan friends described funeral practices in their culture - events that included over 5,000 people sometimes and cost the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of dollars. But indeed, the tradition of ushering a loved one into the afterlife is celebrated more extravagantly in Toraja than any other funeral tradition we’re familiar with. 

You don’t have to be a chef to imagine how impossible feeding 5,000 people for several days (or weeks) would be, but luckily pa’piong is an elegant solution for sustainably feeding unbelievable crowds.

We start by foraging tools for cooking. Bamboo is chopped down and sectioned off using a machete. Low hanging palm frawns are cut and used to shade the “kitchen.” Banana leaves are harvested.

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Today's Agenda

Yesterday’s Mist:Bali launch = beautiful night, wonderful people, delicious tastes of Bali paired with fantastic local wine (Artisan Estate, we thank you!)

Mist:Bali dinner prep underway currently … and right after dinner we’re setting sail on Silolona. A few days at sea and in Komodo before we’re back on the grid. Expect photos and updates then! Bon appetit and bon voyage!!

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As the dates for our Mist events in Bali draw closer, we’re feeling more and more grateful to Patti Seery and her fantastic team at Silolona Sojourns for their unbelievable support, assistance and good energy as we create another crazy, but amazing, food experience.

The unanimous reaction of those who have met Patti and learned about her journey with Silolona Sojourns is one of utter amazement… and the question, “What leads a American ex-pat seeking a luxury chartered yacht experience to build a traditional Phinisi in the middle of Indonesia?”

Years ago, Patti and a group of friends found themselves standing on the beach of a remote Indonesian island with the realization that the boat they had chartered, and its entire crew, had decided to head back home without bothering to collect any passengers. Stranded on the beach, Patti decided to take matters into her own hands.

Despite zero experience building and managing luxury yachts, Patti created an unparalleled vessel, a thriving company and a legacy of excellence. In her free time she’s been known to do things like curate and source textile collections for the Art Institute of Chicago, locally produce documentary films for the BBC, and become an expert on Indonesian customs and culture. (Not to mention her countless hours of help producing the Mist documentary and our upcoming Mist:Bali food events.)

In Mist:SaltLake we experienced a phenomenon Gavin frequently quotes:

There is something about Mist that inspires everyone involved to give selflessly and whole-heartedly what they have to offer.

Mist:Bali is no exception. Learn more about the amazing Silolona and even more amazing Patti Seery by checking out Silolona’s website.