While our purpose in Bali is confined to indigenous foods and the people still practicing their family’s traditional food techniques, we couldn’t help but visit the fine-dining restaurant Mozaic and pay homage to a chef who has pioneered fine-dining in this culture. For over 10 years Chris Salans has been creating French-Indonesian cuisine in Ubud, Bali. His restaurant, Mozaic, is currently recognised as one of the top 100 best restaurants in the world.

We enjoyed the Discovery Tasting Menu, a menu inspired by Indonesian flavours and foods. The food was fantastic. Each course a delicious interpretation of the traditional foods we’ve been enjoying in Bali.

Beyond exceptional food were some fantastic design details - specifically the potager garden of tumeric, limes, belimbing etc. in the patio area of Mozaic’s cooking classroom and the classroom itself. In a super modern kitchen will sparkling stainless steel appliances, spacious counters and a table set for 12, local amateur cooks gather to learn more about refining Indonesian cuisine and creating beautifully presented and fabulous tasting foods.